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Knowing the words isn’t enough.
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Ted Travels to Shanghai, China

  Shanghai Museum of Ancient Chinese Art The past few weeks have been amazing.  Shanghai is beautiful! Chelsea brought me to the Shanghai Museum of Ancient Chinese Art housing over 120,000 pieces. It is considered one of China’s first world-class modern museums after...

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How A Killer LSP Can Make Your Life Easier

LSP.  Great, you think, just what I need. Another acronym. But wait until you hear how an LSP can make your life easier. LSP stands for Language Services Provider.  An LSP can help you by translating your marketing or training materials, providing an interpreter when...

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How Do You Use Loanwords?

Many of the words we use today are "loanwords", or words borrowed from other languages. It's fascinating to think that over time, some foreign words can become a part of one's language. This is due to contact with other cultures and languages. Usually, loanwords...

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