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Work in a Multicultural

At Techworld, we are passionate about all things language and culture.

Every day, our team collaborates with linguists, interpreters and language instructors from around the world in order to provide language and culture solutions to our clients. This international collaboration allows our team members to gain the insight and awareness needed to grow as dynamic global citizens. Daily partnership with our international colleagues makes every day an opportunity to gain new perspectives.

Collaborate with Great People

At Techworld, we believe communication is key to success.

Have a question? Ask it! Need help? We’re here! We take pride in our team and are eagerly seeking sharp new team members to help our organization grow.

At Techworld, not only will you have the chance to build relationships with the members of our Troy, Michigan team, you will also have the opportunity to collaborate with our in-country team members as well. Through daily communication and collaboration with our local and international team members, our staff has the unique opportunity to add a global perspective to all of our endeavors.

Do Work that Matters
At Techworld, we are passionate about helping people.
We provide international corporations and institutions with the language resources they need in order to successfully expand on a global scale. By taking a diagnostic approach, we are better able to provide communication solutions that allow an organization’s message to be relayed across any language or cultural boundary. It is our goal to promote communication in all its forms and across any plane.
Current Openings
Account Executive
The Techworld Account Executive is responsible for generating and maintaining an assigned portion of the company’s revenue through sales, service, administration and teamwork activities, focusing primarily on Fortune 1,000 businesses, while growing personally and professionally to contribute to the future well-being of the company as well as the individual.


Duties and Responsibilities

Consultative Sales: Establish and maintain good customer relations, with both current and potential new clients, in order to connect their business needs with Techworld’s language solution. Continue to reach or exceed assigned sales goals.
Administration: Maintain account records, prospecting lists, customer relationship management and other informational databases and provide detailed handoff information to the Project Management team.
Teamwork: Provide information and support for fellow employees and contractors in the servicing of account and company requirements.
Communication: Show enthusiasm toward prospecting through cold calls, as well as excellent verbal and written communication with prospects, customers, vendors, and the internal team.
Self-Development: Maintain an active schedule of self-improvement activities for continuous personal and professional development, including self-education and training, involvement in professional associations, and participation in company training.



• Near-native or native English proficiency
• Bachelor’s degree or equivalent
• Ability to recognize opportunities, offer creative solutions for mutual gain, and create “win-win” outcomes
• Proven business communication skills, including listening, questioning, overcoming objections, and advocating solutions based on needs
• Dedication to providing the highest level of customer service
• Solid computer skills, including full command of MS Office programs
• A darn good sense of humor


What We Offer

• Enthusiastic, highly autonomous and collaborative environment
• Competitive compensation package (base plus commission)
• Employer paid premium contribution for health insurance
• Employer matching contribution to IRA
• Opportunities for personal and professional growth
• One-to-one paid training

Global Human Resource Specialist
The Global Human Resource Specialist will work with the Project Management and Recruiting Team to recruit instructors around the globe. The position is focused on achieving staffing objectives by recruiting and evaluating candidates, providing feedback to Project Managers, prioritizing recruitment requests, and utilizing various resources to achieve successful fulfillment of recruitment requirements.


Duties and Responsibilities

Recruiting: Seek, pre-screen, and assess candidates based on qualifications and capabilities that meet the recruiting requirement.
Fulfillment: Fulfill all recruiting requirements by placing candidates to fill positions. Meet requirements on-time and within budget.
Prioritizing: Establish recruiting requirements by maintaining open, active communication with the Project Management Team.
Responsibility: Take personal responsibility for all recruiting activity for the Project Management Team and actively participate in all team meetings. Share ideas and concepts to increase productivity and efficiency.
Diligence: Diligently post job descriptions and pursue resources that meet and exceed recruiting requirements.
Explore: Continuously explore new recruiting sources, job boards, and forums to assist in recruiting efforts.
• Other: Other duties as assigned.



• Able to prioritize multiple projects to ensure on-time delivery of candidates to the Project Management Team
• Adhere to established documentation for communications, pre-screens, and Project Management Team statuses
• Able to focus while working on multiple requests at once in a fast paced environment
• Utilize existing applications to assist with recruiting efforts
• Provide assurance to the Project Management Team that candidates meet the recruiting requirements
• High level of attention to detail
• Ability to convey enthusiasm to candidates about the open position
• Excellent communicator
• Software skills in Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, and Internet searching



• Study abroad or experience with international business
• Intermediate knowledge of a second language
• Interest and experience in foreign languages
• Personable, outgoing, and open-minded
• Entrepreneurial, self-motivated, professional, quick learning
• A darn good sense of humor


What We Offer

• Enthusiastic, highly autonomous and collaborative environment
• Competitive compensation package
• Employer matching contribution to IRA
• Enthusiastic, high-energy and cooperative environment
• Opportunities for personal and professional growth
• One-to-one paid training