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PROBLEM: When two companies in the chemical industry merged to form a new organization, the team had to make a lot of decisions on how best to unify the company. One of their biggest obstacles was that the two previous companies had completely different sets of safety standards. The team felt that neither set of safety standards seemed adequate for the new venture and it was clear that a new set of standards must be established. For a global company with offices in 140 countries, the massive impact of changing the safety standards meant that this project carried a great deal of risk. Changing the safety standards would mean training all team members company-wide to follow the new standards. To make things even more complicated, the new safety standards, web-based training courses, and supporting materials would need to be available in 16 languages.

RECOMMENDATION: The client required a language partner with extensive experience in both technical translation and digital production services, so they reached out to Techworld for assistance. After reviewing the content within the standards and supporting files, Techworld recommended an approach where the standard glossaries would be translated and approved by the client prior to translation of the full materials. The client’s feedback would be referenced throughout the translation process, allowing Techworld’s linguist team to deliver accurate and approved translations in less time.

IMPLEMENTATION: Starting with the most important English terms, each standard glossary was translated and proofread by Techworld linguists for each of the 16 languages. Then, the glossaries underwent in-country client review to prompt feedback on client safety terms. After the glossaries were complete, the rest of the safety materials were translated smoothly and accurately. Techworld consulted extensively with the client and designed a 16-step process flow customized to the client’s specific needs that included client communication and approval every step of the way.

RESULT: The client felt the initial recommendation to start with translation of the glossary was the key to success with this project. This preliminary work paved the way for quality translations and productive training for the employees. The fact that Techworld encouraged in-country review in the beginning of the project allowed for valuable feedback to be implemented when it mattered most, and delivery of approved translations in a tight schedule. To this day, the client continues to revise the safety standards and train their employees on new processes and procedures. As a vender-partner, Techworld is proud to be a part of such a global effort to ensure employee safety.

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