Clients have a lot to say about Techworld.  They say they appreciate our service and our capacity.  Our clients tell us they depend on our integrity and count on our unvarying quality standards.  They also laud our customer-driven communications practices, which keep them in the loop at all times.

“I can’t begin to tell you how much your attention to detail and commitment to meeting our tight deadlines helped our team throughout the launch project. To this point, I had limited experience with Techworld. Now, I’d never source a foreign language project anywhere else.”

Marketing and Communications Company

“You are taking care of a lot of things for me while I am out of the office, I really appreciate it. You always do, but it means more now that I am a bit out of touch!”

Tier One Supplier

“Lessons are going well. The instructor is very good for both adults and children… quite patient and has taken the practical and survival approach vs. grammar until our eyes pop.”

Relocated manufacturing employee, Czech language training in the Czech Republic

“Fernanda is wonderful! She went above and beyond to make sure we had every detail taken care of with our international paperwork.”

Relocated employee, Portuguese language training in Milwaukee, WI, USA and in Rio de Janiero, Brazil

“Things are going well. Jingjing is a great teacher. Glad that I have 10 more hours! I learned so much from Cultural Training.”

Relocated automotive employee, Shanghai, China

“We reviewed the subtitled videos and they are helpful for our needs. They serve as great support at Expos and other activities with dealers. Thanks all for your kind help.”

Original Equipment Manufacturer

“Thank you for being so responsive. You saved me!”

Marketing and Advertising Company

“Thanks again for your team’s great work on the recent translations. I really appreciate your responsiveness to our customer’s requests.”

Human Capital and Talent Management Organization