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Global Leadership
Development Program

As your company grows, you’ll need to expand your leadership team.  How are you going to select those leaders?  Even more important, how you are going to cultivate the next generation of leaders?

It’s easy to think that “leadership” has a similar meaning in every culture.  There are a lot of commonalities; but there are lot of differences as well.  Those differences can present major stumbling blocks.

American and UK cultures tend to be more “push” than “pull” when it comes to change management.  It’s an approach that won’t work everywhere.  In Germany and China, there is much more awareness of organizational hierarchy.  In the Middle East, women tend to have more limited roles than they do elsewhere.

This isn’t just about making sure your leadership team understands each other.  They are leading vast workforces and working in many different cultures.  For a leader to be effective, he or she must be able to understand and adapt to the expectations of those being led.

Techworld’s Global Leadership Development Program focuses on enhancing the effectiveness of culturally and behaviorally diverse leadership teams by looking at:

  • Leadership expectations of work groups in multiple cultures and countries.
  • Similarities and differences of various cultures and the how the dimensions of culture contribute to or detract from work getting done.
  • The role behavioral/interpersonal style differences play in cross-cultural communication.

Our Program uses a variety of unique structured activities, processes and evaluations to achieve leadership success.  Please get in touch with us today so we can create a customized program for your team so you can reach your leadership development goals.