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The unique needs of any governmental department, military branch or subcontractor require the highest standards in confidentiality and data security.  At Techworld, we can provide that – as well as the subject matter experts for the most in-demand languages.

Regulations, language testing, correspondence and meeting presentations are just a few examples of what may need to be translated. Techworld can assist with the following:

 Translation (SIN Code 382-1)
Translation and Interpretation Services (NAICS 541930)
Language Training (SIN Code 382-3)
Language Schools (NAICS 611630)
All other Miscellaneous Schools and Instruction (NAICS 611699)

Our specialized process ensures consistent quality, and our global linguists stationed internationally provide rapid turnaround time for assignments. We perform on a large scale without geographic restrictions, tailor our services to the specific goal of the contract, and are accessible with single point of contact in Troy, Michigan.

With our vast network of global resources, we can also provide language training and cultural awareness training around the world.  Let’s talk about your language solution needs and how Techworld can help you.