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Human Capital Consulting

The organization of the future runs on the right talent.  Talent who can move quickly, adapt quickly and learn quickly. And that’s just as true for Brazil as it is for Cambodia, Greece or the U.K.

But how do you hire that? And how do you cultivate that on your current team?

More and more companies are using web-based assessments in their hiring and promotion decisions.  These assessments measure aptitude, as well as the ability to reason logically and solve problems.  With such carefully designed assessments, translation becomes critical.

For this kind of translation, we use our specially trained linguists who can understand the subtle nuances of the English – and render it just as nuanced in their native language.  It’s not something just any language services provider can do.  Which is why we specialize in it.

Beyond translating assessments, we can also provide training simulations in any language.  Need to know if your international customer service reps are actually helping your customers?  Let us design a custom simulation for you.