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Gain Intercultural Competence through Customized Content

Steven has been traveling between Mexico and the United States for over a year. Although his Spanish is improving, he still doesn’t know how to best manage simple business exchanges with his Mexican counterparts.

On the other side of the globe, Gloria and her daughter have just relocated to Shanghai from Texas and want to know the best way to get to know their new neighbors.

Both Steven and Gloria seem to have a million questions running through their minds. Should you shake hands, kiss or nod to greet someone? What are the driving rules? How should you conduct a meeting, get a project started or communicate feedback?

Whether you are preparing for an international relocation or simply working with counterparts on the opposite side of the world, our expert team of cultural counselors are ready to help you first learn, then manage, and finally conquer the cultural challenges that come your way.

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Intercultural Training That Is Truly Interactive: Moving Beyond Website Statistics

When you are faced with new international business opportunities or relocating abroad, you need more than cultural facts and statistics. Our Intercultural Counselors assist you with a program specifically designed for you or your team, on demand.

With Intercultural Counselors available in over 125 countries, our team is ready to deliver a program with content built for you, with your preferred timing and location (virtual, in-person or blended).

With programs ranging from one hour to several days, Techworld fits every budget and every schedule.

Do you offer self-paced

Intercultural Programs?

Techworld offers a blended approach. Self-paced online programs seem convenient and sound simple, but the reality is that those programs just aren’t enough.

Websites can provide useful general information; however, you need an expert native to your destination who can support you every step of the way.

Our blended programs provide both self-paced online resources, along with a customized Intercultural Program led by your Intercultural Counselor.

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What Our Participants Say


attended China, Japan and Korea Intercultural Training

This was an excellent introduction to Asian cultures. I am inspired to apply this information on a daily basis and to continue learning about these cultures. Thank you for providing us with this excellent training!”


attended Mexican Business Intercultural Training 

“I lived in Mexico for 8 years and worked with Mexican counterparts for 25 years, and still learned new things! This training definitely exceeded my expectations.”


International Transferee moved from Turkey to Georgia

“We’re doing great with Joan! We see her as a part of our family.

She spends time and effort helping us settle in.

She is more than a guide for us!”


International Transferee moved from Spain to Kentucky

“Keith is exactly what we were looking for. He has been very helpful and made us feel comfortable in our new home.”