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Marketing and Communications

It’s worth saying again:  It’s not about translating.  It’s about communicating.

Because at the end of the day, your marketing text may be translated correctly.  But is it really communicating with your audience?  Are you getting your key message across

Just because it plays in Peoria doesn’t mean it will play in Russia.  Or the Middle East.  Or China.  One of our clients used a warthog chasing a gazelle to illustrate the flight or fight response.  But in the Middle East, that meant comparing the audience to an animal they considered offensive.  We suggested changing the warthog to a cheetah.  The point was still made – but without causing any offense.

There is an art to translation.  It’s not enough just to translate the words; you need to translate the idea.  Our expert linguist teams will make sure that your marketing message sounds as rich and engaging in Chinese as it does in English.