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PROBLEM: An automotive supplier located in Mid-Michigan employs over 100 employees who emigrated from Burma/Myanmar. More than 80% of the employees were initially at a complete beginner level with English. In other words, they were not able to say or read basic sight words, they had an extremely limited understanding of English grammar, their listening comprehension skills were very minimal, and their accents were too heavy to understand. As a result, training and basic communication on the plant floor were extremely challenging. Furthermore, the company could not guarantee the safety of their employees. Had things continued as they were, the consequences almost certainly would have been severe.

RECOMMENDATION: The client reached out to Techworld for assistance. Techworld recommended the client implement a fully customized English training course that would focus on the immediate needs of the non-English speaking population of employees. This project would enable the employer to implement a continuous English program employees could attend for as long as they wish and for new employees to begin as needed.

IMPLEMENTATION: Techworld consulted extensively with the client and designed both a comprehensive 16-week beginner English course and a 4-week train-the-trainer (T3) course with Techworld’s certified English as a Second Language (ESL) instructors. A complete curriculum focused on industry-specific vocabulary as well as real-life situations these employees encountered daily such as how to communicate important topics to their supervisor(s).

RESULT: As a result, the company now has an ongoing English training program offered to all non-native English-speaking employees. This program has enabled this population to stay gainfully employed, ensured safety within the workplace, and benefited the community as a whole.

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