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Imagine returning after two years from being sent overseas by your employer. You’ve managed the assignment successfully and done your employer proud and it’s time to return to the USA. You feel proud of what you have accomplished in two years. You are eager to go home.

When you first moved overseas, learning a foreign language was challenging. Upon your return, establishing a well-adjusted place for yourself in a changed American landscape is more challenging – and perhaps even more foreign – still.

Programs Offered

How can a concerned employer minimize re-entry pain for the returning expat and the family when “the old order has clearly changed”? Is there a way to avoid such churning?

Repatriation orientation programs can provide your expats with a new sense of belonging and an ability to better visualize and manage successful returns.

Among the possibilities are collaborating
with expats on:

Lunch-and-Learn Presentations

Full-Day Immersion Programs

Half-Day Programs

One-on-One Coaching

Plainly, a global organization’s success in providing outlets for sharing key expat learnings, expertise, and suggestions will benefit both returning expats and the enterprise.