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Many of us have some degree of experience with another language, but not enough to use in the real world. Maybe you learned Spanish in high school, or maybe you took a stab at Japanese for that unexpected requirement in college. But did any of it stick?

When it comes to international business, there are many reasons that people need to learn a new language, but if you need to learn a new language, and fast, where do you even start?

At Techworld, we offer a number of personalized options for our students, tailored to their specific needs and circumstances. Some of the most commonly utilized types of classes are:

  • One to One (One student to an instructor)
  • Group (Two or more students to an instructor, similar to classroom lessons)
  • Immersion Style (A short-term/high-intensity program for students with limited availability)
  • Online (One student to an instructor via an online platform)
  • SureSpeak (Techworld’s option for self-paced lessons, with feedback from an instructor)

Regardless of your level, your schedule or your location, Techworld will be able to match you with the global language instructor who best suits your needs!

Check out our Academy of Language and Cultural Training to learn more about learning a new language.