Language Translation

Our experienced, accredited translators will translate any material  from English to any European, African, Asian or Middle Eastern language, or vice versa. They are experts in working with all that your increasingly global business needs, namely: technical manuals; drawings; business presentations;  websites; marketing brochures; training content; and patents and contracts.

Language Fluency Training

Two key elements make Techworld’s language fluency training the savvy professional’s first choice: interaction and immersion. The interaction we provide moves our instruction from mere ‘book learning.’ Our immersion methodology adds a stimulating environment for successful learning.

Interpretation Services

Let our veteran interpreters provide unobtrusive, fluent and accurate on-site interpretation, simultaneously or consecutively. With our help, your meetings, presentations, legal proceedings and facility tours will make great sense – in any language.

Cultural Awareness Training

Techworld offers in-depth cultural awareness training. We teach business practices, social skills, survival skills for daily activities and local customs. Our cultural awareness training provides the insight and the confidence to help you fit into any nation…like a native.