Great communication knows no borders. 

In today’s global economy, it’s absolutely essential that your company not commit an international faux pas. You need to take the toro by the horns, or you may as well say sayonara to doing business outside of the U.S.

Only your concerns will get lost in translation.

Our experienced, accredited translators will translate any material from English to any European, Asian, or Middle Eastern language, or vice versa. They are experts at working with all the materials your business needs to thrive and survive:

  • Technical manuals, drawings, standards, papers
  • Business presentations, reports, proposals, RFQs, business cards, newsletters
  • Websites, e-learning, distance learning
  • Marketing brochures, catalogs, video voice-overs, trade show exhibits, press kits
  • Training manuals, audiovisual aids
  • Legal patents, contracts, depositions, birth certificates, marriage licenses, transcripts

Take our words for it.

Many of Techworld’s outstanding translators were born, or have lived, abroad. They are intimately familiar with subtle shades of meaning, regional dialects, and cultural nuances — the factors that make the difference between a mediocre translation and a superb one.

Once your material has been translated, a second translator will subject it to thorough editing and proofreading to ensure that it is error free and mirrors the intent, tone, and style of the original. Finally, our graphic designers and desktop publishers will meet your most stringent formatting and output specifications.

With Techworld’s on-time delivery, high quality, and guaranteed results, you can be confident that your project will be a complete success, at home and abroad. Give us a call and we’ll prove it to you.