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Technology works best when it’s seamless

We’ve all seen those error messages that don’t make any sense and grumbled over buying yet another software update.
But the fact is that technology runs the world now. At Techworld Language Solutions, our job is to harness that technology and use it for the benefit of our customers.

We like to talk about
technology in two ways.
First is our expertise in knowing the authoring software you use, whether that’s something simple like Microsoft Word, a more sophisticated program for creating web-based training courses like Articulate Storyline, or even a homegrown, specially customized content management system.

Whatever you use, our team is either already proficient or will be in record time.


Second is how we use the tools of the translation industry.

It’s important to understand how the technology works:  how to create and use a translation memory, for example, or when to use machine translation.

But the heart of the technology is powered by people; language is far too complex to rely on technology alone.


We have “tech” in our company name for a reason; we’re passionate about using technology to make our customers’ lives easier.

Is Machine Translation Right For You?

You’ve heard about machine translation, and you think it may be a great way to get a lot of material translated for much less cost.  The short answer is – it’s possible.

The longer answer is that it largely depends on what you need translated.

If you have the survey results from over 1,000 team members where they were choosing from a finite list of responses, then machine translation might be a good fit for you.

But if you have verbatim comments – responses to open-ended questions – you’re better off with simple human translation.  A trained linguist will give you results you can use to better understand your team.

Not sure if machine translation is right for you?

Call us today and we’ll be happy to help.

A Word About Online
Translation Services

Google Translate can be very tempting. Just type a sentence into the web site and you magically get a translation instantaneously!

But do you know how Google Translate works? It’s machine translation that runs on a statistical system.  Statistical systems do not rely on language rules.  Instead they “learn” to translate by analyzing large amounts of data for each language pair.

Google Translate learns from people who contribute translations to their database. And who are those contributors? Google Translate is like Wikipedia; anyone can add language to the database. Is that person a native speaker? Have they been trained as a linguist to understand the nuances of each language?

Relying on an online translator is more risk than you need to take.  Let us help with your translation needs; we can do it quickly and effectively – and with the high quality you need.