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Shanghai Museum of Ancient Chinese Art

The past few weeks have been amazing.  Shanghai is beautiful! Chelsea brought me to the Shanghai Museum of Ancient Chinese Art housing over 120,000 pieces. It is considered one of China’s first world-class modern museums after being rebuilt in 1996. The building was designed by local architect Xing Tonghe. The building is in the shape of a ding, an ancient bronze cooking vessel which is round on top with a square base. The ding symbolizes the ancient Chinese perception of the world as, “round sky, square earth.” 


People’s Park

One sunny day Chelsea brought me to People’s Park located in the Huangpu District, which was originally part of the Shanghai Race Club’s racecourse, where the people of Shanghai gathered to watch horse racing. The Race Club, built in 1850, was Shanghai’s first racecourse. The Race Club’s activities came to an end during the Second Sino-Japanese War and the Chinese Civil War.

Every weekend the “Match Making Corner” is held where anxious parents of unmarried adults attend with a paper listing basic information of their children such as age, height, income, education, and personality to find them a significant other.


Chinese Cuisine

Let me tell you, the food there is AMAZING! We ate dinner at a local street food venue where I had so many amazing dishes. Everything from Spinach Noodles (bō cài miàn) to Fried Mashi (chǎo má shi) and BBQ Meat (kǎo ròu). It was pure Chinese cuisine, like nothing I have ever had before.


If you ever have the opportunity to visit Shanghai, China, I highly recommend going. The food, local venues, and history are just a few topics that Techworld’s instructors like Chelsea can help you with. Contact Techworld today to set up your cultural or language training.


Next, I’m heading back to New York City in the United States to work with Rachel, one of Techworld’s great group of Project Managers. Check back in next month to see how it went!