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Hello! I am Techworld Ted, but you can call me Ted. I am Techworld’s trusty traveling researcher and have been chosen to travel the world and learn all about different cultures and customs. Throughout my journey, I will be keeping a journal of where I have been, what I learned and maybe some pictures that I take along the way. Check in at http://techworldinc.com/blog/ every month to see where I have been!
Today I met with Techworld’s Team to kickstart my travels. It’s so easy; all you have to do is go to the Contact page and they will be in touch with you to set up language and cultural training.
Here are some pictures I took throughout this process:
Now that I’ve taken virtual mandarin language lessons, I feel prepared for my trip to China!
Looking forward to meeting with Chelsea in Shanghai, China.


And now I’m at the airport practicing my Mandarin and getting ready for my flight. Check back in next month to see how it goes!