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The world is only getting smaller.  And for multinational corporations, that means your training needs are getting bigger.  Even a U.S.-based company is likely to have employees whose first language isn’t English.  Without well-trained employees, attaining your corporate goals is going to be a huge challenge.

The best way to train your employees is in their own language.  Their comprehension and retention of new material will soar when they truly engage with their training.

That’s where Techworld comes in.  We can translate your web-based training into any language you need – and program the course so it runs seamlessly in your LMS.  Or maybe you need something more robust:  instructor-led training at your facility, taught by a native speaker with expertise in the subject matter.  We can do that too.

These are projects we take on every day.  And that barely scratches the surface of what we can do.  Click Here to see a list of authoring software that we use every day. And let us know how we can help you with your employee training challenges.