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Did you know that speaking a second language can improve your memory and cognitive abilities? Before we get ahead of ourselves, we’ve identified the four learning styles that will help you speak a second language in no time! Some people are visual learners while others prefer to listen to music or lectures. There is no right or wrong way to learn a language; you have to do what works best for your learning style. Are you curious as to what learning style best suits you? The most widely used tool for this is the VARK model, developed by Neil Fleming in 1987. VARK stands for Visual, Auditory, Reading and writing, and Kinesthetic learning.

Many of our language instructors follow this model because they understand that each student has a different approach and preference when it comes to learning a different language. And depending on the language, you may prefer a different style. For example, students whose native language is English may prefer the visual style when learning Japanese; but while learning Spanish, they may gravitate more towards a reading and writing lesson. Learning styles are not one size fits all. Many students will use a combination of learning styles depending on their objectives and schedule. For example, someone traveling frequently may prefer to have lessons virtually and incorporate the use of a textbook rather than a hands-on in person lesson.

Not sure what style works best for you? Read the tips below to find your learning style.

  • Visual – prefers to use pictures, images, diagrams, movies
  • Auditory – prefers music, lectures, discussion
  • Reading and writing – prefers reading textbooks, taking and writing notes
  • Kinesthetic – prefers hands-on activities, experiments, manipulating objects and materials

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