You’re the director of your company’s global sales teams in China, Hungary, and Brazil. You notice your staff is not following protocol when making sales calls. You would like to train them and continuously monitor their effectiveness, but they require training in their native languages, and you don’t speak Chinese, Hungarian, or Portuguese.

You need an expert partner to provide specialized help.

We speak the dialect of sales.

  • Conduct interviews based on real-life situations to determine whether a job candidate has the skills necessary to help your company succeed
  • Improve quality control by ensuring that your staff asks all the right questions when calling clients and prospects
  • Employ ongoing training to enhance and maintain the professional quality of your staff
  • Build stronger leadership among managers

Take control, the customized way.

All Techworld assessors are native speakers of the target language and are trained according to your company’s standards. Because your needs constantly change, our assessors are always flexible enough to meet them — around the world and around the clock.

Each assessor will follow an industry-specific script designed to present simulations that are true to both your corporate culture and the various national cultures in which your staff does business. Developed in partnership with organizational psychologists from human capital consulting firms, the scripts elicit behaviors that can be objectively and accurately rated. Their precision and effectiveness in the target language are ensured by Techworld through a rigorous translation process.

Weekly, monthly, or quarterly simulations and assessments will guarantee that your staff is composed of top-notch professionals, ready to deal with any situation, problem, or objection they encounter at any phase of their work: from making cold calls and developing rapport, to closing a critical sale.

So call Techworld and get the help you need to take control of a seemingly impossible situation, minimize turnover, and maximize sales.